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hello friends and followers, after my donation drive commissions i’ve decided to reopen commissions based upon prices i received for the ones i’ve done. the people i still owe art to will still have their price based in donation but here are what i’ll be charging from now on! i hope you find it reasonable ;u;

£2.50 / $4.20

  • Sketch/Doodle, Basic, no colour.

£5.00 / $8.40

  • Flat line art, no colour. (Add colour for £2.50/$  )

£10.00 / $16.80

  • Fully shaded and coloured line art with simple background.

£15.00 / $25.10

  • Large based picture with fully detailed characters and background. (+£2.50/ if more than 3+ characters)

Current Commissions (Locked at 5)

  1. Niv Ryo (donation based, paid)
  2. Magelska (donation based, not paid)
  3. Orangestheasd (donation based, not paid)
  4.  open
  5.  open


King Mijuma: “wake up ” *pokes you*

King Augustus: STOP POKING ME!

(( askroyalho-oh that was my first thought when i put the cursor over and that message popped up))

cute horse butts
(why are both my main character’s unicorns ;u; )

  1. jellyqueue said: What’cha watching’? :3

kill la kill! ouo;;; 

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>notice it’s 5am
>finish avid gaming session 
>watch anime 
>eat ben & jerry’s
>consider life choices
>contemplate the chance factor of attendance at the lecture in -4 hours
>return to anime and ice cream

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Song: How Far We've Come
Artist: Matchbox Twenty
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((and that marks the end of this plot, Augustus is now back and ready for asks, as are all the pokemon above, apart from Deej, Ty and Al! Credit to their original owners and thanks for letting me use them. Hope you enjoy!))

so i started an emerald nuzlocke while i complete the game to get the legendaries for my xy dex

best guess on who dies first

comic i did 10 million light years ago

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because someone had to do it.